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Litcham Historical and Amenities Society

L I T C H A M      M U S E U M

The Litcham Museum is located at Fourways on the Mileham Road


However it can be visited by appointment - please apply to

or call 01624611042 or 07624306855



The Museum is home extensive of artefacts, photographs and records from the local area which date back several hundred years.  Some of the  photos shown on the  ‘Old Photographs’ pages of this website are over 100 years old and are only a small sample of a much larger catalogue of village views and characters from a bygone age.

Apart from specific collections of old cameras, agricultural implements and military memorabilia, there also exists the Royal Seal of Queen Elizabeth I concerning a land transaction for a local man who became Lord Chief Justice, Sir Edward Coke (born in Mileham).

From old children's toys and dolls to pictures and details of the USAF’s  role during the war and it effect on the local area, to school records of the 20th Century and an excavated lime kiln (viewing by appointment), the museum carries something for everyone.

Many of the  exhibits, which include items from surrounding villages, have been donated over many years by the villagers themselves and The Historical Society’s members take pride in collecting and safeguarding old and new history alike for the general public to enjoy well into the future.

All this and much more is FREE to view at the Litcham Village Museum.