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In February, there are two notable occasions to be celebrated. One is St Valentine’s Day. So what did Valentine do that was important enough to merit his being made a saint and having a day named after him?

It is thought that Valentine was a priest from Rome who lived in the third century AD. The Emperor of the time, Claudius ll, believing married men did not make good soldiers, banned marriage.  Feeling strongly that this was wrong, Valentine arranged marriages in secret and when Claudius discovered this, he was put in prison and sentenced to death.  His execution took place on … 14th February, but not before he had sent a love letter to the jailer’s daughter, with whom he had fallen in love. It was signed simply “from your Valentine”.

The second occasion is the literally moveable feast of Shrove Tuesday, or ‘Pancake Day’. This year it falls on 28th February and, as always, is forty-one days before Easter Sunday. The English word ‘shrove’ comes from ‘shrive’, meaning to absolve/forgive a sin, dating back to Anglo-Saxon times, after sinners had confessed to a priest and done a penance such as giving alms, saying prayers or fasting. In the Christian religion, eating pancakes symbolises the using up of fats and other good foods in the house before embarking upon the fasting period of Lent, dating from the fourth century AD, which reflects the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness.

These acts of St Valentine and Jesus provide us with plenty of food for thought. May we also have the courage of our convictions to be able to do the right thing in difficult circumstances.

Liz Lodge

We were able to send £140 from Litcham to Action for Children as a result of our 'Big Carol Sing' and Christmas Day service. Despite an appalling evening the 'Big Carol Sing’ attracted a nearly full house, and the singing was truly joyful. Whoever thought we would be singing a carol to the tune of ‘Show me the way to Amarillo’, complete with ‘Sha-la-las’?

An advance notice now for our annual jumble sale at Litcham, which will be on April 22nd. We are willing to take any unwanted items you may be disposing of in early spring-cleans, be they bric-a-brac or decent used clothes. Just ring Stephen on (01328)700978.

Every blessing,  Ailsa Warburton

S E R V I C E S    


Tittleshall 9:30 am

March   5th     Stephen Sowerby

             12th    Rev’d Andrew King (Holy Communion)

             19th    Stephen Lynn

             26th    Local Arrangement

Litcham 10:30am

March    5th     Rev’d  Andrew King (Cafe style worship)

              12th    Rev’d  Rosemary Wakelin

              19th    Rev’d  Andrew King (Holy Communion)

              26th    Rev’d  Heather Butcher & Stephen Lynn


Tittleshall 9.30 am

February 5th    Local Arrangement

               12th  Rev’d Andrew King (Holy Communion)

               19th   Malcolm Reddington

               26th    Elisabeth Wright

Litcham 10.30 am

February  5th     Janet Roebuck (Café style worship)

                12th     Local Arrangement

                19th     Rev’d Andrew King (Holy Communion)

                26th     Steven Sowerby