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To set my story up there are a couple of things I woul’d like you to know. .   Firstly, I am a pPrimary sSchool teacher and I love the community we have in my school: the sharing in the lives of our pupils and their families with ’ lives - their ups and their downs and the camaraderie and laughs I have with the adults I work with. .   Secondly my son is five and in year one. .   His homework this week was about finding things to do with the five senses;, things you can see, smell, taste, hear and feel. .  

Our theme in assembly at school this week was ‘Peace’. .   My colleague asked to borrow the book ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy. .   If you are not familiar, it is about a Daddy Bear who cannot sleep. .   Everywhere inside and outside the house is noisy. .   Eventually he ends up in his own bed; – peace at last!!

My colleague talked to the children about what peace meant;, the absence of noise, no war, that kind of thing. .   Another colleague sitting next to me commented, (yes, I know we were talking in assembly, – sorry!), that she had felt at peace and contented at the weekend whenas she went for a lovely walk at OxburghOxborough Hall. .   It got me thinking about peace in my life and the lives of those around me and what it would means to us. .   Sadly some of my pupils do not know peace well enough becauseas their lives are too chaotic. .   Some of my lovely colleagues are always too busy – planning awesome lessons, but not taking enough time for themselves. .   Some friends and family suffer with health difficulties, both long and short term which cannot give them peace. .   So what about me?

I know I am fortunate to find peace in my life. .   I want to take time to count my blessings and acknowledge that peace. .   Just like my son’s task  has to in his homework, I used my five senses. .  However,, But I used mine to see my loving family,; smell the wonderful Aautumnal smells of trees, wet leaves and the last cut grass of the year,; taste the delicious bacon roll I ate watching my son play football,; hear the laughter of wonderful friends and feel the peace that knowing and loving God brings. .   I hope you are able to use your senses to count your blessings too.

Linda de Bloeme


Tittleshall and Litcham Methodist Chapels together raised the magnificent sum of £727.08 at their respective coffee mornings on 16th and 28th September. .   Ailsa and Stephen would like to thank all those who baked the lovely cakes and sausage rolls, provided prizes and came along. .   We could not have done it without your kind support. .   Many thanks.



On the 2nd Friday of each month meeting at the Methodist Chapel in Litcham at 10am

Our popular ecumenical discussion group 'Second Friday' will be continuing throughout the Autumn in the Methodist church room.

It is a lively affair that begins with hot drinks at 10am. and finishes at 11am. You do not have to feel that you will be expected to speak, although anything you do say will be treated with respect. Neither do you need to feel that it will fall into the 'dull as ditchwater' category. You will probably find that you will laugh more than you have in a long time!

Our topics during the Autumn will be;

     JESUS AND  ...... Foreigners (Sept 8th)

                       ...... Women (Oct 13th)

               ...... The Sick (Nov 10th)

               ...... The Future (Dec 8th)

You do not have to have an affiliation to any church to join us, and you can be assured of a warm welcome.

Interesting discussions and much laughter plus coffee.

ALL welcome to come.


S E R V I C E S    


Tittleshall 9:30 am

5th November    Revd Andrew King (Holy Communion)

12th November  Local Arrangement

19th November   Avril Temple

26th November    Jacky Woor

Litcham 10.30

3rd      Stephen Lynn (Café church)

10th    Malcolm Reddington

17th    Rev Julian Pursehouse (Harvest Festival)

24th    Rev Philip Butcher


Tittleshall 9:30 am

1st      Local Arrangement

8th     Revd Andrew King

15th   David Yarham

22nd  Steven Sowerby

29th   Revd Philip Butcher

Litcham 10.30 am

1st     Steven Sowerby (Cafe Style Worship)

8th     Revd Andrew King (Holy Communion)

15th   Norman Wagg

22nd  Revd Ian Mizen

29th   Local Arrangement