Litcham Methodist Chapel

Front Street, Litcham


On the 2nd Friday of each month a new Study Group is meeting at the Methodist Chapel in Litcham at 10am.
Next meeting June 9th. Interesting discussions and much laughter plus coffee. All welcome to come.

“Dear Friends,
This summer I have had the privilege of sharing in organised walks arranged by one of my retired colleagues to celebrate her 70th birthday. The series of walks are to link together all the 29 chapels that make up the Central Norfolk Methodist Circuit. On the 31st May I joined a group of a dozen walkers linking together the Methodist Churches at Litcham to Tittleshall to Gressenhall by rambling a ten and a half mile walk along the Nar Valley Way.
Starting at 10.00 am from Litcham it was just after 3.15 pm when we arrived at Gressenhall, with a wonderful hour’s rest and a tremendous lunch at Tittleshall Methodist Church. As well as interesting conversations along the way we enjoyed perfect walking weather and stunning views especially as we approached Tittleshall and Mileham walking alongside the source of the River Nar. Our time began and ended in prayer, and we had a though for the day to reflect upon which on this occasion were the words of Albert Einstein “Look deep into Nature and you will understand everything”.
May it’s a slight hyperbole to say through nature we will understand everything but nature has so much to teach us. The greater Reformer Martin Luther referred to nature as being the greatest preacher of all. Through nature we marvel with awe at its stunning beauty, we find encouragement through its determination to survive and breed a new generation, the smell colour and texture of the natural world has inspired artists and poets; and we find in the Bible rich images from nature such as soaring like on eagles’ wings, contemplation of the universe through the starry hosts, and by trying to count the grains of sand upon the beach which is impossible as an image to remind us that it is also impossible to count all God’s blessings and the extent of all His ways! Jesus himself used many examples from nature for his stories.
Also I have recently been watching Springwatch on TV and it was quoted how the contemplation and enjoyment of nature is good for our mental health and well-being, and that patients recover much quicker in hospital if they can see green spaces from their window.
May all of this summer look deeper into nature, and by doing so we will understand so much more about ourselves and well as about the natural world, and may be our understanding of the Divine may be challenged too!
Rev Andrew King
Minister of Litcham & Tittleshall Methodist Churches

On the 2nd Friday of each month meeting at the Methodist Chapel in Litcham at 10am

Our popular ecumenical discussion group 'Second Friday' will be continuing throughout the Autumn in the Methodist church room.
It is a lively affair that begins with hot drinks at 10am. and finishes at 11am. You do not have to feel that you will be expected to speak, although anything you do say will be treated with respect. Neither do you need to feel that it will fall into the 'dull as ditchwater' category. You will probably find that you will laugh more than you have in a long time! 
Our topics during the Autumn will be;
     JESUS AND  ...... Foreigners (Sept 8th)
                       ...... Women (Oct 13th)
	               ...... The Sick (Nov 10th)
	               ...... The Future (Dec 8th)
You do not have to have an affiliation to any church to join us, and you can be assured of a warm welcome.

Interesting discussions and much laughter plus coffee.
ALL welcome to come.

S E R V I C E S    


Tittleshall 9:30 am

3rd      Norman Wagg

10tH   Harvest Festival

17th    Alan Warby

24th    Rev Andrew King (Holy Communion)

Litcham 10.30

3rd      Stephen Lynn (Café church)

10th    Malcolm Reddington

17th    Rev Julian Pursehouse (Harvest Festival)

24th    Rev Philip Butcher


Tittleshall 9:30 am

6th August       Rev’d Andrew King (Holy Communion)

13th August    Pippa Cook

20th August    Judith Semmons

27th August    Local Arrangement

Litcham 10:30 am 

6th August       Tony Hey (Café style worship)

13th August    Rev’d Andrew King (Holy Communion)

20th August    Local Arrangement

27th August    Elizabeth Wright