Forthcoming Events


Q U I Z   N I G H T

Saturday 24th June from 7pm

Food provided - Bring your own drink.

Tickets £5 from Mike the Butcher

To raise funds for refurbishment of the Hall



We now have a new management committee and things are progressing.

If you have any good ideas for a fundraing and would like to help and share it with us

please call me on (01328) 700274 (June Bevan)
We are making progress with fundraising and can proudly say we raised over £1,000 in March




We are still working hard to secure funding and each step takes us slowly nearer.  In the meantime we keep on fundraising as much as we can.  The next “June’s Spoon” breakfast is Saturday 2nd September from 9am to 11am at the Jubilee Hall.  (see above).

Quiz Night

A date for your diaries; our rescheduled quiz night will be on Saturday 7th October, 7pm for 7:30pm, please bring along your own drinks, but food will be provided, there will be a selection of sausage rolls, cheese straws and cake and even a round of bingo, with a difference!

Thanks Jo

We would like to express our grateful thanks to Jo who cleans the hall for us.  She has worked hard and even cleans out the cupboards.  It now looks so much more inviting.  Please keep supporting us.  Remember it is your hall and hopefully your children’s children.



We are a CHARITY - It’s Official!

I am happy to report that we are now a Registered Charity and can apply for funding from different sources.  We are, with the help of professional advisors, currently applying to several organisations for sizable grants.

“June’s Spoon” was open again on 29th April for Breakfast.  My trusty helper and myself were at the Hall by 7am to get breakfast from 9am onwards.  The rest of my lovely helpers came at 8.30am.

It was soon buzzing with regulars and some new faces.  The atmosphere was good and the table was brimming with orders.  Even people who could not make it donated.  So thank you to all who took part in any way; we made a total of £305 with the raffle.

Our grateful thanks to Mike the Butcher for his continued generous support donating sausages, bacon and eggs for our breakfasts.

Cakes for the Fete

Again, can I ask for contributions for the Litcham Fete; cakes please, as the hall get a little donation from the proceeds.

Next fundraiser will be on 24th June from 7pm in the Jubilee Hall, one of Sadie’s Quiz Nights (see above).  Bring your own drinks.  Food will be provided by “yours truly”.  Tickets £5 from the Butcher.  Get them ASAP please so we know how many to cater for.

June Bevan



Coffee Morning

The Coffee Morning at Bevan Cottage was very successful.  We made £300 with the help of a kind donation of £100 and I had the chance to use my new tea urn.  Waitrose sent a cheque for £210 from their green disc collection and to cap it all we had a £500 donation from someone who was very pleased with the help she received from the Hospital Car Service which is run by Liz Christie… so a very good month.

The Ongoing Saga…

Since the previous, very hard working, committee handed over to us in July 2014, we have been in the process of organising fundraising events, registering as a charity and trying to get funding to improve and extend the hall.  But last point is proving to be a problem without proof of ownership; we have a Trustees document but not a Deed of Conveyance, which is what we need to apply for funding.

We contacted the Diocese for a copy of the deed but we opened up a can of worms.  The Diocese is claiming ownership of the hall as it was built partly on glebe land and the old school was partly funded by the Church...


Restoring the Hall

The Litcham Jubilee Hall as we all know is in a poor state of repair, it has a problem with damp, the heating system and insulation levels are inadequate so it is often very cold,  Once we received the results of the survey we sent out it proved to us, the new management committee, that people do care and want to see the hall restored so that they can use it again,

Following these results we have had three builder's look at the hall and give us estimates for the work which needs doing, the company we chose Booth & Son specialises in restoration of Churches and old buildings, The owner of the company came with us to a meeting with the Trustee's of the hall and explained everything we have in mind, The Trustees gave us there full support and we will consult with them before any major decisions are made,

The hall will be extended out into the back garden as far as possible and we hope to achieve a warm, light building that is well insulated and easily maintained, it would have new unisex and disabled toilets, a larger kitchen and a stage area, The remainder of the garden would be made into a patio style easily cared for space,

We have already held a few fundraising events and with donations from the Fete and the Dog Show we have raised £1250, Combining this with a generous grant of £2000 from the Mrs HR Greene Charitable Settlement via The Rev Jonathon Boston we now have £3250 which enables us to apply to Breckland District Council for a match funding grant of £3250, If successful, this will give us the £6500 needed to pay for the preparation of plans for the hall,

In the meantime we will continue to fundraise hopefully holding one event per month, these will be advertised well in advance in the Litcham Diary, and we would really appreciate your future support.

Breckland council turned down our application for a match funding grant as they do not give grants to help with drawing up of plans however we can re apply at a later date, we have continued to fundraise and will soon have the plans which we intend having copies displayed in the hall for all to see.

We have had some new heaters installed by a very kind parishioner, we paid for the heaters but he did all of his work for free as a goodwill gesture. 

We were  also turned down by the Big Lottery fund, apparently they only allow a certain amount of funding to each postal code area and this amount had already been allocated, we did an exceptions report which they also turned down.

We contacted Village SOS who are paying Community Action Norfolk (CAN) to help and advise us, together we have drawn up a plan of action and at the moment we are applying to become a registered charity.

In the meantime we continue to fundraise with our breakfasts proving very popular. All will be advertised in the usual ways.

Jubilee Hall Trustees

Mary Anderson, Liz Christie, June Bevan, Richard Williams

Clare Lawrence, Mike Oldfield, Julia Bloomfield

To Hire  the Hall Contact Mary Anderson 01328701629

or email


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