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Although the crime rate in Norfolk is one of the lowest in the country the Norfolk Constabulary is committed to reducing it even further throughout the county. The police cannot fight crime on their own; they need the help of the whole community.  Homewatch (also known as Neighbourhood watch) involves residents coming together to create a safer and more caring community.  An Area Co-ordinator and sometimes a small committee manage each scheme which is set up and organised along guidelines set out by the Police.  Each local scheme will liaise with the district Safer Neighbourhood Team to prevent crime, improve safety and reduce the fear of crime in their area. 

Local Co-ordinators

Weasenham Road



Rectory Meadow & Archers Farm

Pound Lane, Back Street, Front St. & Lexham Rd.

Butt Lane

Tittleshal Rd. & Back Lane

Mileham Rd.

Manor Drive & Upper Church Street

Priory Area

Lower Church Street

Dereham Road

Oaklands Farm Area

Wellingham Road

Weasenham Road & Keppel Close

Lexham Road West, Hall Farm House & Coronation Cottages

Total 13 areas



Mrs. D. Collen - 701 401

Mrs Claire Lawrence - 700 145

Carol Hilton - 700 745

Mr. S. Lynn - 701 377

Mr. & Mrs. A. Clarke - 701 720

Mr. M. Kiddle-Morris - 701 370

Mr. J. Jones - 700 184

Mr. D. C. Holland - 701 304

Mr. L. Raven - 701 958

Mr. T. Walker - 701 592

Mr. G. Blower - 701 748


In non-emergency situations you should call  1 0 1

Don't dial 999 unless it's a real Emergency