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will be held on



For the purpose of transacting the business set out on the Agenda below.

The public and press are cordially invited to attend.

The first part of the meeting is opened to the public to bring to the attention of the Council

any matters not covered in the agenda and to make representations on matters on the Agenda.

B J Leigh, Clerk to the council, date:- 29th august 2014


1.    To consider Apologies for Absence.

2.    To receive Declarations of Pecuniary Interests.

3.    To sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 7 July 2014.

4.    To receive a report from the County and District Councillor.

5.     Matters to report.

        5.1    To receive a report on the Community Car scheme.

        5.2    To note a River Nar Community Event 20 September at Castle Acre Village Hall 1000 - 1600.

        5.3    To consider attendance at Mid Norfolk Citizens’ Advice Bureau AGM 17 September 19.30 at Iceni Partnership Swaffham Community Centre.   

        5.4    To consider the response from the Diocesan Secretary.   

        5.5    Tree on The Green.

        5.6    To receive a report on the Jubilee Hall.

6.    Planning.

        6.1    Applications

        6.2    Decisions.

        6.3    Appeals.

    6.3.1 APP/F2605/A/14/2222906-Land to rear of 8 Church Street-proposed residential development.

        6.4    Complaint

            6.4.1    Hanworth House Pound Lane-to consider a complaint that no planning permission has been granted for the fence and that the adjoining allotment has not been granted a change of use.

7.    Highways.

        7.1    To receive a report on the previous months comments

        7.2    To note any new problems

        7.3    Speedwatch.

8.    Finance.

        8.1    Budget as circulated.

        8.2    Balances and cheques for authorisation as circulated.

        8.3    To consider the quotation from T T Jones for the replacement of obsolete lanterns.

        8.4    To note the completion of the External Audit.   

9.    Correspondence for circulation as listed.

10.    Matters for the next meeting (not for Discussion).

11.    To confirm that the next meeting of Litcham Parish Council is to be held on Monday 6 October 2014 at the Jubilee Hall at 7.30pm

Click here to download printable version of Agenda (PDF)



Cattle on Litcham Common - NOT!

We had hoped to have cattle on the common this year, courtesy of a local farmer.  Unfortunately this has once again turned out not to be possible.  We were reliant on the farmer having the right animals available at the right time, and this has not proved to be the case.  The only animals available were cows with calves, and we were concerned about the possibility of the mothers feeling threatened and becoming protective of their young, thereby posing a danger to the public.  In the circumstances we decided not to put these particular animals on the common.  This was a disappointing decision to have to make but one that we felt was prudent.



Conservation Group

The next meeting of the conservation group will take place on Saturday 9th August, starting at 10:00am and meeting in Litcham Common car park. New volunteers are welcome and if you would like further information please contact Tim Angell on 01328 700045.

Due to holidays there will be no conservation task in August.  Perhaps now is a good time to thank all the members of the group for their efforts over the course of the year. Recently this has included making and installing the new benches, clearing paths, picking up litter and strimming the vegetation round the car park.  Other volunteers carry out regular weekly checks on the ponies. Our thanks go to all concerned.

Litcham Common Management Committee



This year’s fete was held in glorious sunshine which made it very well attended indeed.  Thanks very much to everyone that came along.  The fete and dog show raised approx.  £1,650 this year which is fantastic amount. 

Thank you to the sponsors for the dog show - Litcham Historical Society, Su-Bridge Pet Supplies from Saham Toney and Anchorage Barn from Rudham.

Thanks also to Mike Fuller from Litcham Butchers and Sue from the Bull, Back to Back, Tittleshall Singers, Busybodies Dance Studio from Dereham.  The Litcham School Secondary Phase for the use of the field.  Colin Archer for the use of the marquee, generator and car park.  Also to all the stallholders and attractions, we hope to see you back again.

Friends Plant Stall

The Friends of Litcham All Saints would like to thanks everyone that donated plants for this years Litcham fete.  The fete was a great success and very well attended.  Thanks also to everyone that visited the plant stall on the day. If you would like to join the Friends please contact Kerry Walpole on 01328 700161



This annual event raises funds for churches throughout Norfolk and of course, includes our own church.  Sponsors are often very willing to support or donate a small amount once they realise that you are helping to preserve some of our ancient heritage buildings.  Burn off your calories and raise funds at the same time as you travel from church to church.  Choose how you travel – bike, horse, foot, or even by car!   The date that you need to keep free for this is Saturday 13th September.  Sponsor Forms from either Veronica Little (700918) or Pam Jackman (701622)


Breckland Fitness in Later Life for the Over 50’s

Taking part in organised physical activity is a great way to keep fit and active and make new friends.

A new scheme from Breckland Council gives people over 50 years the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of sports and physical activities and meet others with similar interests.

If you live in a rural part of the Breckland district, are aged over 50, and are interested in getting together a group of like-minded people to take part in moderate exercise, then the Breckland Fitness in Later Life Scheme would love to hear from you.

There’s a range of equipment available for your group to hire under the scheme, such as croquet, boccia and carpet bowls sets, tennis racquets and balls, exercise mats and circuit training equipment. Alternatively, grants of up to £500 are available to subsidise start-up costs and help your group get going.

For more information look on the Breckland Council website www.breckland.gov.uk/fill or call Breckland Council Community Officer Stefan Clifford on 01362 656870.