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Get your tickets for the local panto of the year!

Laugh, laugh, laugh and then laugh some more!

Box office is at Litcham Butcher's Shop. Any questions, call Mary 01328 700248

October 26th - 28th 2017 Litcham High School.

This is a family show , tickets are very reasonable at £4 each. Refreshments available.


At the October Parish Council meeting which was attended by six Councillors, County Councillor M Kiddle Morris, District Councillor E Gould and eight members of the public the following was considered:

Planning: Applications: A presentation was given to the Parish Council on a proposed development on the land owned by Breckland Council between Weasenham and Wellingham Roads. This had been put forward for the Local Plan but severe constraints had meant that this was not assessed as suitable for inclusion. The developers believe that these constraints have been overcome and will be submitting a planning application in due course for the site. The representatives intimated that there would be space available for a play area but until such time as the planning application is received it will not be known the exact extent of this area or where it will be sited. No objection was raised to the development site at Lime Kiln house Back Lane for a proposed dwelling including means of access. Decisions: There were no decisions to note.

Neighbourhood Watch: There are vacancies for local coordinators for the following areas:- Rectory Meadow and Druids Lane, Pound Lane, Back Street, Front Street and Lexham Road: the north end of Tittleshall Road; Weasenham Road and Keppel Close and Lexham Road West, Hall Farm House and Coronation Cottages.

If any parishioner wishes to assist please contact the Clerk.

The new signs for the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme have been ordered and the coordinator will be contacting all who have said they will be coordinators in due course.

Highways: The Parish Council is still concerned that problems that have been reported are not being repaired and it is holed that the County Councillor and Clerk will be meeting the new highways Engineer in due course.

County and District Councillor Reports: The County Councillor and District Councillor both reported that the budget setting process has commenced. The County Councillor stated that the County Council has to save £125 million over four years and it likely that Council Tax will rise for the next two years by 4.9% which is 3% for Adult Social Services and 1.9% for other departments. The Po9lice and Crime Commissioner is considering a business plan to take over the Fire and Rescue Service as well. At present the Fire and Rescue Service is part of Norfolk County Council and it is likely that the Council would object to it being devolved to the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The next meeting of Litcham Parish Council is due to be held on 6th November 2017 at the Jubilee Hall at 7.30p.m. All parishioners are cordially invited to attend and the first part of the meeting is set aside for parishioners to raise issues with the Parish Council. The full minutes are available for viewing by any parishioner by contacting the Clerk on 01362 861112 or on the Litcham website, www.litcham.org

Bryan Leigh



I am hoping to get together a group of Singers to sing at the Group Service at Weasenham St Peter at 10am on Sunday. 29th October. We shall be rehearsed by Colin Dowdeswell, the retired Head of Music at Norwich School. Please sign up young and old,  high or low singers.

Rehearsal dates to follow

I would also like  to get together a little music group for the same service. If you can play an instrument and would like to join in, please let me know. Parts will be provided, do come even if you are beginning to learn an instrument. Young and old welcome.

Do give me a ring 01328 700071 or email canonhdb@gmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon, Heather Butcher



Litcham Garden wins Gold Medal at Sandringham

Ralph and Linda Nichols, of 7 Church Street, Litcham, created the ‘Litcham Alloment Garden’ garden for the Sandringham Flower Show.  The garden was called “From Allotment to Show Garden”.

Almost all of the plants for the show were grown on a Litcham allotment.  The garden featured 50 sunflowers, 120 flowering leeks, flowering kale and many seasonal colourful plants.  The garden also featured a sunflower and runner-bean wigwam made from last year’s sunflower stems.  The backdrop to the garden featured a rustic ramshackle shelter with table, chairs and old tools.

The garden was awarded “Best in Show” and the “People’s Choice” Award.

For the People’s Choice Award more votes were recorded than has been for any garden over the history of the show gardens.

We are pleased that the garden came from Litcham.  It evolved from us moving to Litcham and being lucky to have an allotment.  We were guided here: The judges awarded the medal because the gardens came from the heart.  It showed that gardens should promote feelings.  We give thanks for the happy feeling this garden has given to us about Litcham.

This garden was very special because it was created despite Linda’s mum being very ill.  Linda travelled from Norwich to Sandringham every day to help build the garden.  Linda has five generations of family in the All Saints Churchyard.  Ralph walks past this every day to his allotment.  Perhaps I had guidance for the garden and for this we give thanks.

Ours is the allotment with all the sunflowers!

Ralph & Linda Nichols




We are still working hard to secure funding and each step takes us slowly nearer.  In the meantime we keep on fundraising as much as we can.  The next “June’s Spoon” breakfast is Saturday 2nd September from 9am to 11am at the Jubilee Hall.  (see above).

Quiz Night

A date for your diaries; our rescheduled quiz night will be on Saturday 7th October, 7pm for 7:30pm, please bring along your own drinks, but food will be provided, there will be a selection of sausage rolls, cheese straws and cake and even a round of bingo, with a difference!

Thanks Jo

We would like to express our grateful thanks to Jo who cleans the hall for us.  She has worked hard and even cleans out the cupboards.  It now looks so much more inviting.  Please keep supporting us.  Remember it is your hall and hopefully your children’s children.

June Bevan




All being well, by the time you read this a number of Hereford cattle will be grazing the common. The cattle will compliment the conservation grazing carried out by our resident ponies, with the aim of maintaining a diverse sward of vegetation on the common and preventing the more vigorous species from dominating. The animals are owned by a local farmer who is responsible for their welfare, although our volunteers will also be keeping an eye on them. The usual rules that apply to the ponies also apply to the cattle:

Do not approach the animals and do not attempt to touch or feed them

Keep dogs under close control at all times


Lots of people enjoy walking their dogs on the common and generally this works well with few problems. However, we have recently received a number of complaints about people clearing up after their dogs but then leaving the bags either lying on the ground or hanging from trees or bushes. This behaviour is very hard to understand and unpleasant for other people. We ask that people show consideration for others, and the environment, by clearing up after their dogs and then disposing of the bag in the dog waste bin provided in the car park.


We normally receive a number of calls at this time of year from people concerned about the ragwort growing on the common. Although this plant can be toxic when eaten by livestock, it is unpalatable to animals while still growing. The main danger comes when the plant has dried out, particularly if it becomes mixed up in hay. Please be reassured that, as usual, we have a plan in place for the ragwort to be pulled and properly disposed of before it sets seed.


A contractor will be cutting the bracken this month. Bracken is invasive and by cutting it each year at the height of its vigour we aim to gradually weaken the rootstock so that it grows back less strongly in the future.

Conservation Task

In a change to our normal routine the next conservation task will take place on Saturday 2nd September, we shall be meeting as usual in Litcham Common car park at 10am.  The reason for the change of date is that some of our regular volunteers will be doing the Norfolk Churches Trust sponsored bike ride on our usual second Saturday.  New volunteers will be welcome.  Tools and protective gloves are provided and if you would like to find out more please contact Tim Angell on 0328 700045.



At the last meeting of trustees our secretary Chris Chaulk decided that as her tenure was due for renewal, it was a suitable time to retire.  Chris has given wonderful service to the trust with knowledge and humour and we owe her a debt of gratitude.

We then had the daunting job of finding a replacement and decided the best candidate was Mary Anderson.  She lives in the village, is an allotment holder, and we are sure that her knowledge of the allotments will be an advantage to the trust in the years to come.

Could I also remind you that we are here to help anyone who finds themselves in need of help, you can contact me, Elizabeth Christie, at Mouse Cottage, 39 Church Street, Litcham or telephone 01328 701765 in the strictest confidence.



The Community Car Scheme has proved to be very popular but there is a shortage of drivers. This is causing some strain on the ability to provide the service. If any parishioner can give a few hours of their time each month for the benefit of other parishioners please contact Liz Christie on 701765. Please do not forget that you may need this service yourself in the future.
If you have need of a lift to a the doctors or a hospital appointment journeys can be requested through Liz Christie on 701765.



We are delighted that Miriam Fife and her family will be moving into Great Dunham Rectory in August to begin her training with us.  Curates train for three to four years and we hope Miriam's time with us will be happy and fruitful.



The bells at Litcham Church were installed in the 1670s and the historical graffiti inside the tower records the names of some of the villagers who have rung them over the years since then.  When I first moved to Litcham the bells were rung every Monday evening and this is where I learnt to ring.  Due to changing circumstances regular ringing stopped for a while, but this restarted a couple of years ago and a group of us now meets in the church tower to practice on the third Monday of each month, with occasional ringing for services.  (Our group contains ringers from several different villages and on the other Mondays we ring at different churches in the area.)

Learning to ring is not easy and requires practice over a period of time in order to reach a standard, but it is a sociable activity that keeps us fit in both mind and body  It is also a pleasure to be able to ring the bells on special occasions such as weddings and Christmas services.  Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.  This is a pastime that both young and old can enjoy and we are very happy to let people see what is involved and have a go (under supervision  ) without any obligation.  Our next Litcham practice night will be on Monday 20th February from 6:30pm until 7:45pm.

Tim Angell – (01328) 700045


Jubilee Hall, Litcham


For ages 5-16 run  by Sally Parkinson, Freelance Art Educator

Saturday mornings 10:00am to 12 noon (term-time)

£5 per session - Places are limited so book now, call - 0782z 994045



This is a form of gentle exercise which is ideal for knee, shoulder and balance problems as the class is only done standing or sitting. It is also a programme originally designed for recovery from breast cancer patients. The whole class is done to music and it is fun and uplifting.

The new term starts on Monday 10th April from 9.30 to 10.30am at the Litcham Methodist Chapel. Please contact Diana Patterson on (01238) 701615


“DAD & LADS” (7-13)

A New Adventure for Fathers and Sons

(Sons aged from 7 to 13 but no age limit for Dads!)


Want to know more?

Dads contact Peter Tuck

Mill Farm Mileham - Telephone: 07876 082095

Come and see.  Give me a ring.



Parish Council





Community Car Scheme