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At the February Parish Council meeting which was attended by seven Councillors, County Councillor M Kiddle-Morris, District Councillor E. Gould  and two parishioners the following was considered:

Planning: Applications: There were no applications to consider. Decisions: There were no decisions to report.

Local Plan: The Chairman, Vice Chairman and Clerk had had a meeting with the Planning Policy Team at Breckland Council regarding additional sites that had been put forward for the Local Plan. It was raised at this meeting that a possible entrance to housing could be made on Lexham Road further from the centre of the village and access the site from the rear of the former Council Houses on Lexham Road. This would give access to either of the sites to the north of Lexham Road. The other site between Pound Lane/Butt Lane and Tittleshall Road was also discussed and it was suggested that no traffic should be able to access Pound Lane but exit the site onto Tittleshall Road. There was concern raised that this would still bring traffic along Tittleshall Road to the crossroads at the Bull Inn. Pedestrian access to the Primary School and a parking area could still be provided for without more traffic using Pound Lane. The Parish Council is to write to the Planning Policy Team stating that it is still in favour of development within the village and would support any of the three sites submitted provided a suitable traffic management arrangement could be achieved.

Dog Bin on Weasenham Road: The licence has been received and the dog bin will be ordered and erected.  Any instances of dog fouling can be reported to the Dog Warden on 01362 858500. Please clear up after your dog and place in the bins provided or take home and place in your green wheelie bin.

Neighbourhood Watch: The Parish Council is keen to ensure that this continues but there is no coordinator for the scheme. If any parishioner would be willing to take this on please contact the Clerk.

Highways: The Parish Council is to report the following to Norfolk County Council:- a sign on Lexham Road which is obscured, the poor state of the lay-by on Tittleshall Road, a school sign is in the hedge on Wellingham Road, the hedge at the Mount on Butt Lane again, the junction of B1145 Mileham Road and Druids Lane, a pothole opposite the Jubilee Hall on Church Street, the white lining of Front Street/Church Street and to side out Back Lane so pedestrians are able to get off the road safely

Winter Gritting Routes: The Parish Council wishes to remind all vehicle users that the Dereham Road through to Gressenhall is NOT gritted by Norfolk County Council. The Highways Department provide at least one gritted route to all villages. The B1145 through Litcham is gritted as is the Dunham Road and the Tittleshall Road as far as Tittleshall but not from Tittleshall to Fakenham. The PCSO is also to be requested to visit the village as there is still parking on the extended H-bar at the junction of Druids Lane and Church Street.

The Next Meeting: due to be held on 6th March 2017 at the Jubilee Hall to follow the Annual Parish Meeting which will commence at 7.00p.m. All parishioners are cordially invited to attend and the first part of the meeting is set aside for parishioners to raise issues with the Parish Council. The full minutes are available for viewing by any parishioner by contacting the Clerk on 01362 861112 or on the Litcham website.

Bryan Leigh

Full minutes for this meeting will be released once they are approved at the next meeting.
The Full Minutes of previous meetings can be viewed from the Parish Council Meetings Page



We now have a new management committee and things are progressing with meetings and fundraising.   If you have any good ideas for a fundraiser and would like to help and share it with us please call me on (01328) 700274 (June Bevan)

Breckland council turned down our application for a match funding grant as they do not give grants to help with drawing up of plans however we can re apply at a later date, we have continued to fundraise and will soon have the plans which we intend having copies displayed in the hall for all to see.

We have had some new heaters installed by a very kind parishioner, we paid for the heaters but he did all of his work for free as a goodwill gesture. 

We were  also turned down by the Big Lottery fund, apparently they only allow a certain amount of funding to each postal code area and this amount had already been allocated, we did an exceptions report which they also turned down.

We contacted Village SOS who are paying Community Action Norfolk (CAN) to help and advise us, together we have drawn up a plan of action and at the moment we are applying to become a registered charity.

In the meantime we continue to fundraise with our breakfasts proving very popular. All will be advertised in the usual ways.


Fake Trading Standards Officers

We have been advised by Essex Trading Standards that they have received three reports of roofers calling at homes, claiming to be from Trading Standards.
The callers are claiming that a roofer who recently carried out work is being investigated. The caller claims that they can carry out a survey of the resident’s roof and that they will be able to claim compensation as part of the investigation. They are then asking the resident for sums of around £2,000.
Trading Standards Officers are highly unlikely to visit a consumer’s home unless they have already been asked to by the consumer or a trusted friend or relative.
Trading Standards Officers will NEVER ask a resident for money.

There are certain precautions that can be taken to guard against doorstep callers:

  Fit and use a door security chain when you open the door.

  Check the identification of a caller by ringing their employer. Use the telephone number from your telephone book and not one they might supply.

  Do not let anyone to carry out work on your house until you get a second opinion and never agree to callers who say “we are only i  the area today”.

  Never keep large sums of money in the house and keep purses out of sight, not near the door.

For further information or advice on consumer issues or rogue traders please use the following contacts:
Phone: 0345 4040 506

Email: trading.standards@suffolk.gov.uk <mailto:trading.standards@suffolk.gov.uk>

Website: https://www.suffolk.gov.uk/community-and-safety/trading-standards-for-consumers/

Help us keep our communities safe by reporting any suspicious activity.
Please use the following link to pass useful information to Suffolk Police about any incident.



To report information anonymously on any crime, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
Crime reduction advice can be accessed via the Suffolk Constabulary website http://www.suffolk.police.uk/advice/crime-prevention-z

Police Connect Team




A community project aiming to provide Litcham with a

recreation area, for not only children, but for adults to enjoy too.

All are welcome to come along and get involved in finding and developing a space in the village that can provide outdoor play and fitness activities for everyone.

We hold our informal meetings in The Bull Public house at 7:00pm on the last Monday of each month.  We will be talking about finding an area, raising funds and what the village would like included on the site.  The more people who can get involved, the easier it will be to make this happen.

Next meeting dates:

Monday 27th February 2017

Monday 27th March 2017

Monday 24th April 2017

All at 7:00pm in The Bull Public House, by kind permission of the landlady.  Any enquires please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary, Sarah White on (01328) 701764 or email:whitesh@live.co.uk




We are looking for a new Treasurer to start from 25th April 2017.

Some computer and accounting skills would be necessary.

Interested? Please contact the PCC Secretary, Karen Moore on 01328 700313



The Community Car Scheme has proved to be very popular but there is a shortage of drivers. This is causing some strain on the ability to provide the service. If any parishioner can give a few hours of their time each month for the benefit of other parishioners please contact Liz Christie on 701765. Please do not forget that you may need this service yourself in the future.
If you have need of a lift to a the doctors or a hospital appointment journeys can be requested through Liz Christie on 701765.


We would like to record our thanks to Litcham Parish Council which has once again given us a grant towards renewals of tools and the group’s annual insurance premium.  The insurance covers all our volunteers, including those who regularly check the ponies, and we would not be able to carry on without it.

In a break with tradition this month’s conservation task will take place on the 3rd Saturday of the month, which is Saturday 18th February.  As usual, we will meet in Litcham Common car park at 10:00am and new volunteers are very welcome.  Please contact Tim Angell on (01328) 700045 for further information.



The bells at Litcham Church were installed in the 1670s and the historical graffiti inside the tower records the names of some of the villagers who have rung them over the years since then.  When I first moved to Litcham the bells were rung every Monday evening and this is where I learnt to ring.  Due to changing circumstances regular ringing stopped for a while, but this restarted a couple of years ago and a group of us now meets in the church tower to practice on the third Monday of each month, with occasional ringing for services.  (Our group contains ringers from several different villages and on the other Mondays we ring at different churches in the area.)

Learning to ring is not easy and requires practice over a period of time in order to reach a standard, but it is a sociable activity that keeps us fit in both mind and body  It is also a pleasure to be able to ring the bells on special occasions such as weddings and Christmas services.  Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.  This is a pastime that both young and old can enjoy and we are very happy to let people see what is involved and have a go (under supervision  ) without any obligation.  Our next Litcham practice night will be on Monday 20th February from 6:30pm until 7:45pm.

Tim Angell – (01328) 700045



As you are aware we lost our friend Doug Rorke earlier this year which meant the charity had to find another trustee, we put an advertisement in the parish magazine and we had a very good response.  Mr.  John Archer from Butt Lane was selected and we look forward to a good and friendly relationship.

I would like to thank everyone who applied for the post it was a difficult decision to have to make.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the trust is here to give help to anyone in financial need, please phone or write to me, Elizabeth Christie, 01328 701 765 in the strictest confidence.



Dear all, I think that Litcham deserves and needs a defibrillator.  Do you agree?

Out of hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCA)happen around 100,000 times a year in the UK, making it one of the UK's biggest killers.  A defibrillator is a very intelligent yet extremely simple and safe machine to use, which can deliver an electric shock to the heart in the event of an SCA.

The potential for saving a life is dependent on time.  After a cardiac arrest, every minute that goes by without cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation reduces someone’s chance of survival by 10%.

Research shows that in the event of a SCA, CPR alone gives a 5% survival rate, however with a defibrillator available this is increased to a 50% chance.

We live relatively remotely,  let's give ourselves, our families, our friends and our colleagues the best possible chance should the worst happen.

Our GP surgery will have a defibrillator but it is not available to us when the surgery is closed.  Therefore it is vital that we have a one that is accessible at all times.

I have been in contact with a charity called The Community Heartbeat Trust.  They will take us through the process step by step and provide training, guidance, support with banking and fundraising and will liaise with the ambulance trust and BT.

Preliminary searches show that BT will donate the phone box to us to house the defibrillator in.

Locally, both Stanfield and Tittleshall have defibrillators in their villages and Dereham has five!  It's time for Litcham to get one too!

In order to proceed I’ve been advised to form a committee and this can only happen with your support.  Please attend our informal meeting on Friday 17th June at 7pm in The Bull to discuss this further, answer any questions that you may have or to offer your support.

Thank you, Ruth Buschman, Tel:01328 702216


105 is a new three-digit number that people can call to report orget information about power cuts. You can also call 105 with any welfare concerns related to a power cut, or if you are worried about the safety of over or underground electricity cables or substations.105 is free of charge and will put you through to your electricity network operator. You can call 105 from most landlines and mobile phones. It will be launched in September 2016 and will be available to people in England, Scotland and Wales. The powercut105.com website will be live for launch, providing people with more information and signposting them to their network operator.

Why Is It Being Introduced?

A lot of people don’t know who to call to report or get updates about power cuts, with many wrongly calling the energy supply companies they pay their bills to. 105 aims to solve this problem, providing people with an easy-to-remember number that will put them straight through to their local electricity network operator. This is particularly important when there is bad weather as severe storms can cause major disruption to electricity supply into homes and businesses. 105 is just one of the ways you can contact your network operator. They can still be contacted directly by phone on their 0800 number or via their website – and most can be reached through social media too.

Who Is Behind 105?

105 is jointly funded by electricity network operators. Electricity network operators are the companies that manage and maintain the underground cables, overhead lines and substations that bring electricity into homes and businesses. There are several electricity network operators. The larger ones each cover a different region within Great Britain. Wherever you live, 105 will put you through to the right network operator.


“DAD & LADS” (7-13)

A New Adventure for Fathers and Sons

(Sons aged from 7 to 13 but no age limit for Dads!)


Want to know more?

Dads contact Peter Tuck

Mill Farm Mileham - Telephone: 07876 082095

Come and see.  Give me a ring.


Jubilee Hall, Litcham


For ages 5-16 run  by Sally Parkinson, Freelance Art Educator

Saturday mornings 10:00am to 12 noon (term-time)

£5 per session - Places are limited so book now, call - 0782z 994045