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will be held on



For the purpose of transacting the business set out on the Agenda below.

The public and press are cordially invited to attend.

The first part of the meeting is opened to the public to bring to the attention of the Council

any matters not covered in the agenda and to make representations on matters on the Agenda.

B J Leigh, Clerk to the council, date:- 29th august 2014


1.    To consider Apologies for Absence.

2.    To receive Declarations of Pecuniary Interests.

3.    To sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 6 July 2015.

4.    To receive a report from the County and District Councillors.

5.    Matters to report.

       5.1    To receive a report on the Jubilee Hall.

       5.2    To receive a report on the gate from the School Playing Field onto Back Lane.

       5.3    Driving over the Barrow.

6.    Planning.

       6.1    Applications.

            6.1.1 3PL/2015/0907/CU- Barn adjacent to Coronation Farm Litcham Road Mileham-

            change of use of storage building (B8) to steel fabrication ( B2).

            6.1.2    3PL/2015/0987/F- Land adjacent to Anvil House Butt Lane- erection of dwelling.

       6.2    Decisions.

            6.2.1 Y/3/2015/3012-Litcham School Primary Phase Site-provision of a double classbase

            modular accommodation building for five years and removal of existing 2-bay modular

            accommodation building, external works to include car parking ,paving and associated

            works.                                Permission.       

7.    Highways.

       7.1    To receive a report on the previous months comments

       7.2    To note any new problems

       7.3    Speedwatch.

       7.4    To consider a scheme for the Highway Partnership for 2016/17

8.    Finance.

       8.1    Budget as circulated.

       8.2    Balances and cheques for authorisation as circulated.

       8.3    To consider the purchase of a kissing gate for the access to the graveyard from Druids Lane.

       8.4    To consider a maintenance programme for the street lights.

       8.5    To consider the hours of the Clerk.

       8.6    To note the completion of the External Audit.

       8.7    To consider a donation to the Jubilee Hall.

9.    The Green

       9.1    To receive a report on cutting.

       9.2    To receive a report on any problems.

10.    Correspondence for circulation as listed.

11.    Matters for the next meeting (not for Discussion).

12.    To confirm that the next meeting of Litcham Parish Council is to be held on Monday 5 October 2015

         at the Jubilee Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Click here to download printable version of Agenda (PDF)



Summertime can be a busy time of year, especially for your rubbish bin, and probably the last thing you want to think about is recycling.

So, during summer and autumn, Breckland Council will be having a recycling focus, a clear monthly message to help you know what can and cannot go into your recycling bin, so we can all RECYCLE RIGHT!

In August we will be promoting ‘no plastic bags’, empty or full, in your black bin. Currently, many people gather all their recyclables in plastic bags and this causes problems at recycling centres as these bags cannot be recycled. In fact, if recyclables are put into a plastic bag the contents may not even be recycled when delivered to the sorting plant.

In Breckland over 933 tonnes of recyclable waste was collected last month; out of this over 100 tonnes was non-recyclable and classed as ‘contaminated’. This increases waste to landfill, and reduces recycling payments to Breckland that could be used to deliver services to residents. The contamination is made up of bags, bagged recyclables, food waste and general waste. This is an avoidable problem which can be prevented.

In 2012 the UK used 8.08 billion plastic bags! With this astonishing statistic there is a clear need to substantially reduce our plastic bag usage, making use of reusable bags when going shopping.

Many supermarkets now have a collection point where you can recycle your plastic bags. Even better, reuse them at home for your next shop. Please only put plastic bags in your green general waste bin as a last resort and never in you black bin.

Keep looking out for the RECYCLE RIGHT monthly messages around your local area and you can make Breckland a better place for all.

We need everyone to make a collective effort to RECYCLE RIGHT!

For more information about the Recycle Right campaign, contact Environmental Services on 01362 656878.



Higher Level Stewardship

A lot of work has been carried out on the common in the last few months as part of our Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) agreement and this has had a significant visual impact, particularly while the felled timber has been stacked on site.  Natural England set a deadline of 28 February for the majority of the work to be completed, which is why so much has been done in a short space of time. Some timber is still to be removed from specific locations agreed with Natural England, for example in places where hibernating wildlife might be disturbed. There is also some ‘tidying up’ work to be done, such as cutting stumps down to ground level. We would like to thank those involved in the tree felling, several of whom are from Litcham, for all their efforts to meet the deadline. We are fortunate to have had the work carried out by skilled individuals who are sympathetic to the site and our nature conservation aims.

We would also like to thank people for bearing with us while all the work has been taking place. We do realise that a lot of mess has been created in the short term but are confident that in the longer term the results will be well worth it. Please do contact either me or another member of the management committee if you have any questions about the management work on the common.

Conservation Group

The next conservation task will take place on Saturday 8th August meeting at 10am in the car park. As always, new volunteers are welcome; please contact me on 01328 700045 to find out more.

Tim Angell, on behalf of Litcham Common Management Committee


Jubilee Hall, Litcham


For ages 5-16 run  by Sally Parkinson, Freelance Art Educator

Saturday mornings 10:00am to 12 noon (term-time)

£5 per session - Places are limited so book now, call - 07825 994045


“DAD & LADS” (7-13)

A New Adventure for Fathers and Sons

(Sons aged from 7 to 13 but no age limit for Dads!)


Want to know more?

Dads contact Peter Tuck

Mill Farm Mileham - Telephone: 07876 082095

This is the time of year when skills like fire lighting gather importance.

But for a quick hot drink there is nothing like a “Volcano”!

Come and see.  Give me a ring.


Helhoughton Monthly Tuesday Lunches

These Lunches are held on the last Tuesday of every month except August and December. Meals are served from 12.00 – 12.45pm in the Village Hall. For a suggested minimum donation of £5 in aid of All Saints’ Church funds, we offer a choice of 3 mains and 3 desserts, including a vegetarian option. To book/request a gluten free or low carbohydrate meal, please ring Liz Lodge on 01485 528744 by the previous Friday. The next Lunch is on March 31st.