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At the April Parish Council meeting, attended by seven Councillors, County and District Councillor M Kiddle Morris and one member of the public the following was considered:


For the third year running the same parishioner has raised objections to the accounts. The External Auditor has just forwarded his decision to the complainant and the Parish Council. The Auditor has not found that the Parish Council has made any payments that were contrary to law nor did he find that individual Councillors should have declared a pecuniary interest when being reimbursed for expenditure incurred on behalf of the Parish Council for the Diamond Jubilee event. The sums of money involved in the objections were £162 and £178 plus VAT to the two Councillors for expenses incurred and £47 plus VAT for the renewal of the website domain name and hosting renewal. The cost to the parish for the External Auditor’s time in dealing with these objections was £1605 plus VAT.  The VAT portion is recoverable. Over the three years of the objections the cost to the parish has been £1650 for the financial year ending March 2011, £1750 for the financial year ending March 2012 and £1605 for the financial year ending March 2013.





Over the three years the External Auditor has not found that the Parish Council has acted illegally in any of the transactions made that were objected to.

Community Car Scheme: This is now up and running and any journeys can be requested through Liz Christie on 701765.

The Green: A complaint was made against the siting of benches and umbrellas on The Green because of the disturbance caused to residents who live close to the Green. The Parish Council is keen to ensure that all people can enjoy either a drink on the Green or in their own garden without being subjected to unnecessary noise. Unfortunately there are always some people who have no respect for others. The Parish Council will therefore be writing to the landlord of the Bull Inn expressing its concerns, and insisting that the Green should not be used after 9.30p.m., that the area should be cleared of all glasses and rubbish each evening and that the umbrellas are removed each evening. The Parish Council had requested that the benches be removed during the winter months but this had not occurred. The benches will be allowed on The Green whilst British Summer Time is in force. If the conditions for the siting of benches on the Green are not met then they will not be allowed in the future.

Planning: Permission had been granted by Breckland Council for the erection of a double garage at Oaklands Barn Tittleshall Road.

The Next Meeting of Litcham Parish Council is due to be held on 12 May 2014 at the Jubilee Hall at 7.30p.m. All parishioners are cordially invited to attend and the first part of the meeting is set aside for parishioners to raise issues with the Parish Council.

The full minutes are available for viewing by any parishioner by contacting the Clerk on 01362 861112 or on the Litcham website.

Full minutes for this meeting will be released once they are approved at the next meeting.

The Full Minutes of previous meetings can be viewed from the Parish Council Meetings Page



Thanks And… We Need You!

Thank you to everyone who supported our recent production of Cinderella either by coming along to see it or helping out in any way.  I am pleased to say that despite all the challenges we had during the build up to performance week, it would seem from the feedback that we had that it was a success and we have also raised more than enough money to contribute to several charities; final amount to be confirmed so watch this space.

We held a post-production meeting and it was agreed that there was sufficient interest among the group to continue with a view to performing another pantomime in February 2015. 

However certain members of the group are leaving and so additional support is needed... probably in more ways than you might imagine!

Here are just a few potential 'vacancies':

     Assistance back stage and catering.

     Sound and lighting technicians    

     Producer and director

     Wardrobe mistress

     Makeup and general backstage co-ordinator

     Pianist/someone to co-ordinate music, e.g. use of backing tracks.


     Young people!!

Many of these roles were covered by only one or two people when the workload ideally needs to be spread across a greater number of people.

Some people have already expressed some interest in certain roles but we need a lot more!  We are having a meeting on Thursday 19th June at 7:30pm at the Jubilee Hall.  If you feel you can help in any way then do come along so that we can assess if future pantomimes are a viable option.  It is interesting that the group was initially established to give the young folk and teenagers in the village something to do but this year we only had two.  So youngsters… get involved!

Storage Needed

If the pantomime group continues we are in desperate need of somewhere to store our costumes - a place that is dry and preferably mouse free!

Chris Mitchell has kindly been storing the costumes in an old police van which was purchased when the pantomime group started but it is no longer water tight.  (We did have great fun a few weekends ago actually breaking into it to get the costumes out!)  Currently the costumes are residing at Father Martin's but that is very much on a temporary basis.  We have the potential use of a small caravan if anyone has any easily accessible land where it could be stored.  Please let me know - thanks.

If you wish to help out in the future but cannot get to the meeting then please contact me by email on j.semmons@btinternet.com or 01362 820750



Permissive Footpaths on Lexham Estate A reminder of their status:

They are not public footpaths but paths opened voluntarily by the landowner in order to give better access to and enjoyment of the countryside locally.  The landowner has the right to close the paths having given three months’ notice before doing so.  Permissive Footpaths do not give the right to stray from the designated paths and the Countryside Code should be adhered to at all times.  Unfortunately, a few people have been abusing this privilege, particularly at the Litcham end of the Estate and criminal damage has been suffered in one particular wood.  It is a pity that just a few people are putting in jeopardy the landowner’s willingness to keep the Permissive footpaths open.



The Annual Vestry Meeting

followed by the

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

will take place on Tuesday 22nd April 2014 at 6:30 pm in the Church.

Anyone who lives in the Ecclesiastical Parish may attend this meeting and those on the Church Electoral Roll may stand for the P.C.C. and are entitled to vote in the Election of Church Wardens and for members of the

Parochial Church Council.



This year’s popular wine tasting event will be held at The Old Rectory in Litcham on Saturday the 17th May  from 3.30pm to 6:00pm.


Kerry Walpole, Friends of All Saints Church, Litcham, 01328 700 161



As part of Norfolk County Council’s cost cutting the Mobile Library routes and times are changing.  From the 7th of April route EDE 125 will become CEN1411 and the Library will only be calling at Litcham every four weeks instead of two.

It will call on Mondays, stopping in Manor Drive at 10:15am and then Litcham Close at 10:55am.  Dates for the rest of the year are as follows: 7th April, 5th April, 2nd June, 30th June, 28th July, 22nd September, 20th October, 17th November, 15th December and 12th January 2015.

You can download a current timetable from Mobile Libraries - List of Routes page here...



Conservation Group

In a break with our normal routine the next conservation task on Litcham Common will take place on Saturday 3rd May, meeting as usual at 10:00am in the car park.  We will be installing some new seats that have been made by John Mitchell using wood from the old corral; our thanks go to John for doing this.  Volunteers are asked to bring along a garden spade if possible as we will need to dig the holes for the posts.



Let’s keep Breckland beautiful!

Most dog walkers are very responsible, but some individuals are not clearing up after their dogs and Breckland has experienced an increase in reports of fouling in recent weeks.  Dog mess is unpleasant and can carry diseases like toxocariasis through contaminated soil, resulting in symptoms such as eye disorders, aches, dizziness, nausea and, in extremely rare cases, seizures/fits

Our Dog Warden, Mike Gardiner will be stepping up his patrols, especially in hot spot areas. He is also asking for residents’ help – if you are aware of someone who is not cleaning up after their dog, please call Mike on 07771 617417 with a note of times, dates and a description of the owner.  Some dog owners may simply not be aware of their responsibilities and, in the first instance Mike will usually just have a quiet chat.

Dog owners have a legal obligation to clear up after their dogs and failure to do so can result in prosecution with a fixed penalty notice of £80, or if the case goes to court, up to £1000.

Let’s keep Breckland beautiful for everyone!

Dale Wilder, Breckland Council Environmental Services Officer.



              What a Year! What A Summer!

The summer of 2012 saw an unprecedented glut of celebrations in Litcham.  It was of course the year of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, events of national importance but on a local level it was the 600th Anniversary of the rededication of Litcham All Saint's Church in 1412 after extensive rebuilding work that including the addition of the tower.

2012 was also the year the Cattle Grids were installed on Litcham Common and the year the Primary and High School were amalgamated into one 'All-Through' school and of course there was the Annual Village Fete.

On this DVD you will find video and photographic documentation of all the above events and more...

Available from Di Patterson (01328 701615) or David Sheppard (01328 700609) - PRICE £7



Kerry Walpole has kindly sent me this link to an archive film on the East Anglian Film Archive. In it an Anglia TV reporter visits Litcham post office during the busy Christmas period, to see how a sub post office is run. There is an interview with sub-postmaster, Mr Bennett, and postman Mr Warnes, who we follow him on his regular postal round.

Click here to view a fascinating glimpse of Litcham past...