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with Bishop Jonathan

May 9th at 7pm at St Mary’s Gressenhall

If you are thinking about Confirmation please contact

Revd Heather (01328 700071) or Revd Julia (01362 861380)



Easter Celebrations

During our Palm Sunday procession round the village, sadly without Bubble the donkey, we paused for prayers and readings at various points and ended on the village green where we sang hymns.  Afterwards we were all invited to the chapel where our friends greeted us with tea and biscuits.

On Maundy Thursday, the Benefice Service took place at Weasenham St Peter’s Church for the Jewish Passover custom of a seder meal followed by Eucharist.  It was a very moving and sociable occasion as we had portions of food and wine in between prayers and readings.  After the Eucharist there followed the stripping of the altar, following which we left the church in complete silence.  On Good Friday we had the office of Tenebrae to remember the darkness of Holy Week.  After each Psalm two candles were extinguished leaving only the Christ Candle, which was then itself temporarily hidden.  After the last lesson Mark 15-33-39 and the Strepitus (Big Bang) it was brought back, still alight, to symbolise the resurrection of Jesus.  We then left in silence.

On Easter Day a good congregation gathered for the Easter Eucharist.  As we left the church we were all given Easter eggs and we wished each other a Happy Easter.  The church was resplendent with vases of lilies and daffodils given in memory of loved ones.  Our thanks to all flower arrangers, our cleaners and those who helped prepare the church for Easter. 

The next fundraiser for All Saints is an afternoon tea at “Bevan Cottage” on Saturday 28th July from 2:30pm to 5:30pm.  I will be asking for cakes, scones and sausage rolls please.  There will be a marquee to use if the weather is not so good, so we will have some cover if necessary.

I finish with this Charles Wesley prayer:

Loving Jesus, gentle lamb

In thy gracious hands I am

Make me, saviour, what thou art

Live thyself within my heart

Love & God Bless, June Bevan

PS Chester walked round with us on Palm Sunday - a smaller replacement for Bubble.



I was musing about what to write this month and, as I drove along, remembering that Jesus often used the ordinary things of life around him to get his message across.  So I looked around me and I saw a field full of hundreds of pigs!  Well there is one story in the bible about a herd of pigs falling over a cliff.  Being an animal lover, I do not much care for that story.  So I decided to look up the word pig in my bible dictionary.  There I found one reference to a pig in a collection of sayings from long before Jesus’s time.  It was from Proverbs,

“Like a gold ring in a  pig’s snout is a beautiful woman without good sense.”  My feminist hackles rose.  I would also like to say:

“Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a man with a six pack without good sense”!

What was the message from Proverbs? I think that outside appearances aren't everything.

Jesus put the message in another way.  He accused some people of being like whitewashed tombs, looking sparkling on the outside but full of dead bones inside.  It is who we are, not what we look like which counts to God.  As the marriage service puts it, “God who is the judge of all and knows all the secrets of our hearts”

There is no hiding from God.  He is not taken in by the front we present to the world.  He knows who we really are.  Knowing that God accepts us as we are with all our weaknesses and failings is a relief.  It helps us to accept ourselves.  Once we really know and accept ourselves for the person we are inside, the person no one else really knows we have the potential to become “the glory of God which is a person fully alive” as a Saint once put it.

As the Easter season continues may you accept yourself and be fully alive as God intended you to be.

with good wishes, Heather Butcher



My natural curiosity has led me to find out more about the role of the Sacristan, (all available on line), and it’s become very clear that we at Tittleshall have our own way of doing things.  I suspect all other churches in the group are the same.  Who knew for instance, that tapered candles should not be used, not that we use them, but I didn’t know.  I’ve discovered all manner of things; surprisingly (to me) it’s been really interesting.  Anyway, on with the altar linens.  This time it’s all about the pall, veil, and burse. 

The Pall: A small square linen “envelope” stiffened with card which fits snuggly inside.  The one at Tittleshall is beautifully embroidered with pretty scalloped edges.  Laundered only when the clean, crisp appearance is lost, it sits over the paten, which in turn is placed over the chalice.  (explanation next time if you aren’t yawning uncontrollably).

The Veil: An elaborately embroidered silk and satin square.  There is a colour for each of the liturgical seasons.  The veil is placed over the pall completely covering it and touching the corporal.

The Burse:
A stiff, hinged case of silk and satin.  Like the veil, there is a colour for each of the seasons.  I stand this to the right of the chalice but it can be placed on top of the veil.  A lot depends on the preference of the minister/vicar taking the service.  After Eucharist, the corporal and pall are placed inside the purse ready for next time. 

Next time, the sacred vessels and the credence table. 

Sue Bevan



Have you been into our wonderful churchyard recently?  It is such a peaceful spot. .   Malcolm Turner’s list of the flora and fauna to be found within the churchyard shows just what a haven for wildlife it is. .   (You can also view this list on the Litcham website).

I was wondering if anyone would like to help to set up a Friends of Litcham Churchyard group? ?  The Friends of Litcham Church, who concentrate mainly on the fabric of the building, have kindly said that a churchyard group could come under their ‘“umbrella’” as far as insurance etc is concerned and that if we raised any money it could be kept just for use within the churchyard.

If you feel you might be interested in joining such a group please come

along to the Litcham Jubilee Hall on Thursday 11th January at 7:30pm. .   If you know of someone who will not receive the ‘Church and Village’ magazine but has a connection with the churchyard perhaps you would be kind enough to give them my number or tell them about the meeting?

Claire Lawrence. .   (01328 700145)


On the 2nd Friday of each month a new Study Group is meeting at the Methodist Chapel in Litcham at 10am.

Next meeting June 9th.

Interesting discussions and much laughter plus coffee.

All welcome to come.