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First, a last minute reminder of the reception to be held in the walled garden at Holkham Hall by kind permission of Lord Leicester which takes place on Friday 4th August from 6:30pm to 8:30pm with a musical trio and a talk by the head gardener.  Tickets, which are available from me, are £15 and include wine and canapés.  There will also be a raffle on the night.

The next fundraiser for the church is an “Afternoon Tea” on Saturday 12th August from 3pm onwards and will be held behind Bevan Cottage.  Sandwiches, cakes, scones, sausage rolls will all available for a donation.  There will also be a raffle, so donations of prizes for both these events will be most welcome, thankyou.

By the time you read this all the work on the church roof should be finished and although the builders will have done the main clean up we will need to do a whole church clean up ourselves and I will be arranging a working party.  There will be refreshments for all volunteers.

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the PCC and all of us, to say THANK YOU  to Paula and Diana for going into the church every fortnight and trying to keep the dust down, it is an onerous task, thank you too for your patience over the past months.

Keep enjoying this wonderful summer and don’t forget “if at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again”.

Until next month Love and God Bless, June Bevan

PS Chester helped to deliver the magazines this month but as he christened every tree and post, it took quite a while!  Bless him.



I still vividly remember waking up on the first day of the school summer holidays with the delicious realisation that six school free weeks stretched ahead.  We had few responsibilities and the freedom to fill our days as we pleased.  In my village a group of us would often gather together with our bikes, a sandwich and some sweets to share and disappear off to build dens or go on a cycle ride.  Before mobile phones we had no communication with our very trusting parents who anticipated we would turn up at some point later in the day tired, grubby and hungry!

Past generations will have their own memories of childhood summers gone by.  Historically the long summer holiday from school was necessary so that children could supplement the workforce in the fields to ensure the harvest was safely gathered in.

Whilst farmers are flat out at this time of year, life in the church is briefly a little less hectic.  There are no major festivals to prepare for, many people are away and the schools are closed.  In the church year we are now in ‘ordinary time’ and the colour of altar hangings and vestments is a restful green.  We might slip away for a break but otherwise it is a time for us to draw breath, review what we have been doing and plan for the months ahead – we are already looking forward to some lovely harvest celebrations in September and October.

I wonder what memories of the summer holidays the current generation will look back on?  One thing we all seem to share, as we get older, is the firm belief that we invariably enjoyed six weeks of unbroken sunshine!

As the old saying goes ‘Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.’

Reverend Julia



On the 2nd Friday of each month a new Study Group is meeting at the Methodist Chapel in Litcham at 10am.

Next meeting June 9th.

Interesting discussions and much laughter plus coffee.

All welcome to come.



The arrangement whereby the weekly practice is on Tuesdays afternoons between 3.45 - 4.30 is now established and works well.  Squash and biscuits are available before the practice under the watchful eye of the Choir Matron, Mrs Sara Williams.

The Sunday commitment is generally Evensong but on the Third Sunday in the month it is in the morning.

Detailed information is available from the Master of Choristers the Rev’d Jonathan Boston (01328 701200) or from Mrs Williams (01328 700167).

Enquiries from parents of boys aged 7 and over are invited.  Further information from Jonathan Boston, Master of Choristers (01328 701200)

Jonathan Boston, Master of Choristers 01327 701200


Choices and Consequences

Faced with a number of options, one often hears “you choose” or what are you doing?” as a response.  Partly this is indecision but it can also be an attempt to avoid any responsibility if events do not turn out well.

The General Election presents a challenge: most people vote “on balance”.  One suspects that few voters are in complete agreement with every element of the party they support and may well agree with, or even admire, elements of candidates they do not.

This is a serious responsibility and one, surely we have to exercise for the benefit of those whose needs are greatest.  To vote out of self-interest above all else whilst disregarding the greater good in the long term is not only selfish but irresponsible.

“A definite maybe” is not an option: a decision has to be made.

When Jesus’ Disciples were entrusted to continue His work and witness, they were faced with finding a replacement for Judas (who had been chosen by Jesus Himself, in retrospect a calculated risk) and having to choose between “Joseph called Barsabbas, surnamed Justus” and Matthias.  We hear nothing further of Joseph but he must have been a serious candidate, to have been considered.

It so happens that this month also sees the Church Season of Pentecost (or Whitsun) and Trinity-tide, when new clergy are ordained.  Those who come forward have offered themselves, but it is “The Church” as a body which chooses and appoints them.

Whether a candidate for Parliament (or The Church) we are all involved and exercise our responsibility not only in appointing but then supporting those who are chosen.

Jonathan Boston