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Church 100 Club

In 2018 we shall have to find £71,300 towards the costs of paying two clergy plus a contribution to running the Diocese. This has been reduced to £68,800 from the proceeds of the Holkham event.

We would like to set up 100 Club to keep the momentum going.  If it became 1662 Club in honour if the date of the prayer book we would be in a much better financial position. I have access to software and all the details of running 100 Club and people from my last parish would be prepared to help us set the Club up. It takes about two hours per month to run once set up.  Is there anyone who would like to have a go at setting a 100 Club up in aid of the Benefice Fund?

Pleas contact Rev Heather 01328 700071

Thank You

I am so deeply grateful to everyone who helped make our Holkham walled garden evening such a success.  Whether you sold tickets and raffle tickets, gave prizes, cooked or in any other way helped to plan and provide, thank you so much.  It was great to see the parishes working together and the feedback I have had is that everyone enjoyed it.  We raised a staggering £2,500 towards the benefice share for 2018.

Our New Curate

We are delighted that Miriam Fife and her family will be moving into Great Dunham Rectory in August to begin her training with us.  Curates train for three to four years and we hope Miriam's time with us will be happy and fruitful.

Because of a particular set of circumstances Miriam was unable to be ordained in the cathedral this summer with all her fellow candidates.  It is extremely unusual for stipendiary curates to be ordained outside the cathedral and I think it must be a long time since we had a curate training in these parishes.  So, her ordination in Beeston Church on Friday 29th September at 7pm will be a very special occasion.  She will be ordained by the Bishop of Lynn.  The Dean of Norwich will also be there and we hope to have a choir leading the music.  We hope we shall have strong numbers from every parish at Miriam's ordination to give her and her family a warm welcome to the parishes.

Canon Heather Butcher


Church Repairs

Our hopes for the church roof to be finished by the end of July have not been fulfilled, it has involved more work than originally anticipated.  However, our Heritage Lottery funding has been extended until September.  This is a not uncommon situation with ancient buildings and the true scale of the necessary restoration can only be revealed as work progresses.  It is taking longer than anticipated to replace the huge decaying oak timbers.  So all we can do is be patient for a little longer.

Benefice Services

The 30th July was the 5th Sunday so there was a Benefice Service at Little Fransham where we had a very warm welcome from Lynn Sheringham and team, followed by wine and nibbles while we chatted.  There was a congregation of about fifty from across the benefice.

The next big event is the harvest supper on 17th September with our friends from the Methodist Church.  Our next fundraiser is (shhh!!) the Christmas Bazaar.  Date to be arranged. 

We finish with this little poem:-

Life is a highway

On which the years go by,

Sometimes the road is level,

Sometimes the hills are high,

But as we travel onwards

To a future that’s unknown,

We can make each mile we travel

A heavenly stepping stone.

                                                                                             Helen Steiner Rice

Until next month, Love & God Bless, June

P.S.  Chester spotted a deer on the common but, before he could chase it, I shouted “No”.  He stopped and so did the deer, who turned round as if to say “that stopped you”.



“Tell tale tit your mother cannot knit,

your father cannot walk without a walking stick”

This chant, which I remember from my school days, was lots of fun if you were laughing at someone else, but not so much fun if you were on the receiving end.  In that case Granny would say "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names never hurt me" to cheer you up. 

Of course that phrase is not entirely true and we know of nasty words now being put on Facebook and Twitter and other social media which damage people, sometimes to the point where we have reports of teenagers who have taken their own lives because of bullying through their screens.  It has become so easy to put words on a screen before we have had time to consider them.  I was taught to read a letter through before I posted it.  Now words are pinged away before we have finished thinking about them.

The Bible is full of wisdom for life and, as I was thinking about this, I looked up the Epistle of James.  "What an immense stack of timber can be set ablaze by a tiny spark, and the tongue is in effect a fire!" It is a reminder to us of how dangerous words can be and that we should all take care in how we use words.  It’s something we need to teach our children too, so that social media can be fun and informative and not used for spite.

Another truth quoted from Proverbs which has a lovely ending: "Rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing."

Canon Heather Butcher



On the 2nd Friday of each month a new Study Group is meeting at the Methodist Chapel in Litcham at 10am.

Next meeting June 9th.

Interesting discussions and much laughter plus coffee.

All welcome to come.



The arrangement whereby the weekly practice is on Tuesdays afternoons between 3.45 - 4.30 is now established and works well.  Squash and biscuits are available before the practice under the watchful eye of the Choir Matron, Mrs Sara Williams.

The Sunday commitment is generally Evensong but on the Third Sunday in the month it is in the morning.

Detailed information is available from the Master of Choristers the Rev’d Jonathan Boston (01328 701200) or from Mrs Williams (01328 700167).

Enquiries from parents of boys aged 7 and over are invited.  Further information from Jonathan Boston, Master of Choristers (01328 701200)

Jonathan Boston, Master of Choristers 01327 701200