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with Bishop Jonathan

May 9th at 7pm at St Mary’s Gressenhall

If you are thinking about Confirmation please contact

Revd Heather (01328 700071) or Revd Julia (01362 861380)



As the 29th July was a fifth Sunday we had a Benefice Service at Gressenhall church.  The “pop up” choir was there to give some support and Philip, as always, gave us an interesting sermon.  We were made very welcome and were refreshed with wine and nibbles at the end.

The afternoon tea on Saturday 28th went very well despite a calamity.  My lovely volunteers put up the tent on Friday, just before it rained, and we heaved a sign of relief.  But, next morning, following the big overnight storm, I looked out of my back bedroom window and was amazed to see the tent upside down in next door’s garden!  My spirits sank, but I said “come on June, the show goes on!”  I got on the phone and before I knew it, a team of willing volunteers had it mended and up again whilst I made five loaves of sandwiches.  Phew!  What a relief!  At 2pm the people started to come and we were up and running. There must have been a good one hundred people who turned up and who bought tombola and raffle tickets before enjoying a leisurely tea.  The wind was still strong so we had to pull the tables in from the side of the tent as the tea pots were rattling.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody who came up trumps.  Special thanks go to our good friends, Dave and Ian for the tents, to Yvonne for some tables and chairs and the Jubilee Hall trustees for the other tables and chairs: not forgetting all those who came quickly to the rescue and to those who served teas.

We made a very healthy £600 for church funds.  In the end it was worth all the worry.  Also, a special thank you to John Jones for the use of his field; he had mowed, raked and generally done a lot of preparation work beforehand to give the whole event an excellent ambience.

The Holkham Garden Party also went well, the gamekeeper giving an interesting talk on the tiny grey partridge.  We also had a trio of ladies playing live music for us.  People were invited to see the gardens, I manned the raffle and we made in excess of £570 on that.  Our thanks go to Lord and Lady Leicester for allowing us to use the walled garden, Shirley, the event organiser and the gamekeeper for his most interesting talk.

The end results will be published next month so until then;

Love and God Bless, June Bevan

PS Chester was on his best behaviour at the afternoon tea party.  He greeted everybody at the gate and walked them in, bless him.



I love social media, it helps me keep up with all my friends’ news.  I enjoy the witty things people say and the funny things they share.  I especially like the animal videos that get passed around.  Social media gets a bad press but like all things in life can he used for good or ill.  Its main weakness is that if it is the only way we communicate we are not engaging with people at any depth and we are certainly not giving them much of our time.  We are not sharing our story. 

As I get older I find the story sharing involves our medical histories and the tablets we are taking! Story sharing is important, it helps us to make sense of life’s events, it gives us a way of sharing joys but also of sharing worries and sadness; “a problem shared is a problem halved”

The clergy do a lot of story sharing.  It is a privilege to hear the stories of bereaved families and wedding couples.  We also tell lots of stories in our local schools at Beetley, Beeston, Gt Dunham, Litcham and Weasenham, helping children to reflect on life and its meaning.  We often enact bible stories and midst the fun and laughter children are reflecting on serious issues.  At Weasenham  Church of England School we have introduced a School Eucharist, a Communion service for children and adults together.  It recalls the story of Jesus on last evening before his death; love and service amidst cruelty and evil.  In September I shall join some of the GCSE lessons at the High School to share the story of my faith journey with them.  I'm sure I shall learn much from their stories too. 

In September we are opening a Drop-in Cafe on Tuesday mornings at the Jubilee Hall in Litcham.  A place to relax, we hope, and a place where, amongst chatter and laughter, people will be able to share their stories.  We hope you will ‘drop in’

Happy holidays, Heather


Come and enjoy a summer evening in the beautiful


Friday 3rd August - 6:30 to 8:30pm

Wine and Canapés and a  Raffle

Includes a talk about the garden and new plans at Holkham

Tickets £15 available from clergy and churchwardens

by kind permission of Lord Leicester, our patron

Bishop's Lent Appeal

We sent nearly £200 to the appeal from our Lent lunch at Beeston this year.  Bishop Jonathon writes:

‘Many thanks to the parishes’ responses to the Lent Project, the total looks to be around £25k, which will enable us to do the things we set out to do, the work on the extended church in Simbai is well under way.’

David Preston of Pikestaff Builders

Everybody will be sorry to learn of the death of David Preston whose firm carried out the restoration work on the nave and south aisle roofs at All Saints.  He was a true gentleman, both in business and in manner and the church roof at Litcham will be a long and lasting memorial to him.  A service to celebrate David’s life was held at St Mary’s Church, Sporle on Friday July 13th and donations in his memory shared between Tapping House and Swaffham & Litcham Home Hospice.

All Saints Churchwardens & PCC



(Gracefully I Hope)

As Sacristan for St. Mary’s Tittleshall I have learned patience, tolerance (though maybe not quite enough) and dedication.  I have received in equal measure joy and education.  Satisfaction has been gained from knowing that every task I undertook was carried out to the best of my ability.  Now I hope for someone to come and enjoy a similar experience.  It is a commitment but one which brings many rewards. 

My promise to launder the linens, (if needed) is to help maintain a well-presented altar. 

I had considered a follow up to The Accidental Sacristan under the heading, The Virtual Verger, “quit while you’re ahead” was a phrase that sprang to mind and so I bid you farewell and thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.
Sue Bevan

A final anecdote; many years ago, a fellow flower arranger and I prepared to decorate the church Christmas tree.  We thought it rather a nice idea to use natural materials and I offered to slice lots of oranges and dry them ready to hang on the branches.  It took several weeks to amass enough slices but they looked really lovely as we placed them all over the tree. 

I think all was completed a week or so before services commenced.
On going into the church a day or so later (maybe to clean) we were baffled to see on the lower branches of the tree, not orange slices, but the empty rings of orange rind.  It was too late to make any more so they were left just as they were.
A subsequent visit saw more branches with the slices devoid of their centre leaving only the circles of rind.  By the time the Christmas service came around hardly any slices were left intact, and we realised that mice were systematically working their way up the tree eating as they went.  It wasn’t the most inspiring bit of tree decorating but it made us laugh once the puzzle was solved. 

Sue Bevan



Have you been into our wonderful churchyard recently?  It is such a peaceful spot. .   Malcolm Turner’s list of the flora and fauna to be found within the churchyard shows just what a haven for wildlife it is. .   (You can also view this list on the Litcham website).

I was wondering if anyone would like to help to set up a Friends of Litcham Churchyard group? ?  The Friends of Litcham Church, who concentrate mainly on the fabric of the building, have kindly said that a churchyard group could come under their ‘“umbrella’” as far as insurance etc is concerned and that if we raised any money it could be kept just for use within the churchyard.

If you feel you might be interested in joining such a group please come

along to the Litcham Jubilee Hall on Thursday 11th January at 7:30pm. .   If you know of someone who will not receive the ‘Church and Village’ magazine but has a connection with the churchyard perhaps you would be kind enough to give them my number or tell them about the meeting?

Claire Lawrence. .   (01328 700145)