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Church 100 Club

In 2018 we shall have to find £71,300 towards the costs of paying two clergy plus a contribution to running the Diocese. This has been reduced to £68,800 from the proceeds of the Holkham event.

We would like to set up 100 Club to keep the momentum going.  If it became 1662 Club in honour if the date of the prayer book we would be in a much better financial position. I have access to software and all the details of running 100 Club and people from my last parish would be prepared to help us set the Club up. It takes about two hours per month to run once set up.  Is there anyone who would like to have a go at setting a 100 Club up in aid of the Benefice Fund?

Pleas contact Rev Heather 01328 700071

Thank You

I am so deeply grateful to everyone who helped make our Holkham walled garden evening such a success.  Whether you sold tickets and raffle tickets, gave prizes, cooked or in any other way helped to plan and provide, thank you so much.  It was great to see the parishes working together and the feedback I have had is that everyone enjoyed it.  We raised a staggering £2,500 towards the benefice share for 2018.

Our New Curate

We are delighted that Miriam Fife and her family will be moving into Great Dunham Rectory in August to begin her training with us.  Curates train for three to four years and we hope Miriam's time with us will be happy and fruitful.

Because of a particular set of circumstances Miriam was unable to be ordained in the cathedral this summer with all her fellow candidates.  It is extremely unusual for stipendiary curates to be ordained outside the cathedral and I think it must be a long time since we had a curate training in these parishes.  So, her ordination in Beeston Church on Friday 29th September at 7pm will be a very special occasion.  She will be ordained by the Bishop of Lynn.  The Dean of Norwich will also be there and we hope to have a choir leading the music.  We hope we shall have strong numbers from every parish at Miriam's ordination to give her and her family a warm welcome to the parishes.

Canon Heather Butcher


Church Repairs

The scaffolding is down!  Although the work on the sSouth aAisle took rather longer than we envisaged, the scale of what needed to be done could only be seen once the work was underway.

The workmanship, skill and craftsmanship that have gone into the restoration can now be seen, especially in the blending of original and new material. .   All those involved deserve our congratulations and gratitude, not least for their obvious respect of the cChurch itself.

The outstanding and unique event in September was tThe Ordination of Miriam Fife as dDeacon, to serve as cCurate in tThe Upper Nar and Launditch group of parishes. .   This took place on The Feast of St Michael and All Angels, 29th September in Beeston Church and was conducted by The Rt Revd Jonathan Meyrick, Bishop of Lynn, who was assisted by The Very Revd The Dean of Norwich and The Ven. .  John Ashe, Archdeacon. .   We warmly welcome Miriam and her family; warmly, her husband Russell, daughter Sarah and son Daniel.

Following this happy and momentous service everybody was able to enjoy excellent refreshments and a glass of wine.

Looking back, we had a well-attended Harvest Festival on 9th September followed by refreshments and on Sunday 17th September when we joined our Methodist friends for their hHarvest celebration, followed by a ‘shared’ lunch.

The Chapel are now doing the Christmas shoe boxes for the street children abroad. .   You can get boxes for a very small charge from Mr and Mrs Lynn.

Our Annual Christmas Bazaar and Lunch is on Saturday 25th November from 10:30am to 2pm. .   I would like pies, desserts, cakes and preserves please. .   Also prizes for the raffle, tom-bola and pick-a-peg. .   See the box and watch out for my letters.

We will green up for aAdvent the following weekend on Friday 1st December from 9am to 6pm. .   Own foliage please.

A note for next year’s diary:.  Sunday 11th February is the aAnnual Snowdrop Walk at Lexham Hall when we do the Refreshments in aid of Litcham Parish Church.

Until next month, Love & God Bless, June

P.S.  Chester spotted a deer on the common but, before he could chase it, I shouted “No”.  He stopped and so did the deer, who turned round as if to say “that stopped you”.



This autumn we had the happiest of days, when my son was married. .   For the week before, we were scrabbling through photo albums because he and his fiancé wanted to display photos of their childhoods at the reception. .   I was really touched that even though they were excited about all that was happening in the present, they wanted to remember the time as they grew up with their families. .   Their story so far was an important part of the day.

In funeral visits we listen to the story of people's lives. .   It is an important part of the process for families to recall and repeat tales of fun shared, or tell of what they admired and loved about a person. .   They also speak of some of the irritations and frustrations too!  That is part of the whole story. .   I find it one of the most positive aspects of my work because everybody’s story is so interesting.

In November we come to a time of Remembrance and at our war memorials will be recalling young lives cut short; .  Tthose who never had the opportunity of living out their full story oin this earth. .   There are many services across our group of parishes at which there is an opportunity to honour those who fell in the two wars and in the conflicts since.

All Souls services will again be held at the beginning of the month. .   More details in the church section if the magazine. .   They offer an opportunity to remember and give thanks for our own loved ones whose stories entwined with ours.

Bereavement binds us to others who have suffered loss and in  the quiet we can also offer a prayer for those who are grief stricken by this year’s  terrible events of terrorism, natural disaster and conflict in so many places. .  

The most enduring story is told in the Bbible that is in fact a collection of stories. .   It is the story of God’s dealings with us, the story our folly and of his loving purposes, the story of his presence with us in all the joy and sadness of our lives, a story which is still unfolding.

Canon Heather Butcher


All Souls Service

November is a special time of year when we celebrate All Saints Day, and remember the church’s saints. .   It is also a time when All Souls Day is celebrated. .   All Souls is a time when we remember our own departed loved ones.

We have two special services in the bBenefice this year. .   There will be an opportunity to light a candle for our loved ones at these services, which people find comforting and moving.

All Souls  services  will be held at:

Gressenhall on 2nd November at 7pm


Beeston  on 7th November at 7pm. .  

We welcome everyone to these services. .   If you are unable to attend and would like your loved one’s name read or a candle lit for them please contact Revd  Julia or Revd Heather.

Poppies at Beeston

November 2018 marks the centenary of the end of the First World War.

Many lives were lost from the parishes in our own benefice. .   We are hoping to commemorate this date mark this commemoration by filling a Beeston church with poppies, and by holding a concert and telling the stories of some of those who never returned to their homeland.

At present we are busy making poppies;, knitted, made out of paper and crocheted. .   Would you like to join in? ?  We can give you patterns. .  

Some of our local schools will be joining in with artwork etc. .   Do you have ideas you can share with us. .   Would you like to remember you own relatives who were lost?

For more information and to be involved please contact Julie Thorpe 01328 700798


Have you been into our wonderful churchyard recently?  It is such a peaceful spot. .   Malcolm Turner’s list of the flora and fauna to be found within the churchyard shows just what a haven for wildlife it is. .   (You can also view this list on the Litcham website).

I was wondering if anyone would like to help to set up a Friends of Litcham Churchyard group? ?  The Friends of Litcham Church, who concentrate mainly on the fabric of the building, have kindly said that a churchyard group could come under their ‘“umbrella’” as far as insurance etc is concerned and that if we raised any money it could be kept just for use within the churchyard.

If you feel you might be interested in joining such a group please come

along to the Litcham Jubilee Hall on Thursday 11th January at 7:30pm. .   If you know of someone who will not receive the ‘Church and Village’ magazine but has a connection with the churchyard perhaps you would be kind enough to give them my number or tell them about the meeting?

Claire Lawrence. .   (01328 700145)



On the 2nd Friday of each month a new Study Group is meeting at the Methodist Chapel in Litcham at 10am.

Next meeting June 9th.

Interesting discussions and much laughter plus coffee.

All welcome to come.



The latest ‘“special event’” in which we were recently involved was to accept the invitation to join King’s Lynn Minster Choir for a full Evensong. .   This was an opportunity to take part in special music in a great building, with a magnificent organ - and excellent refreshments!

We are very keen to hear from parents of boys who could becomebe choristers. .   The choir is a good way of developing a positive sense of achievement by being part of a team and at the same time developing a new skill.

Any parents of boys from the age of 7 can find out more from me (01328 701200) or the Choir Matron, Mrs Sara Williams (01328 700167).

Jonathan Boston, Master of Choristers (01328) 701 200

Jonathan Boston, Master of Choristers 01327 701200