Chairman's Report

Presented at


20th April 2009



This is a brief overview of the activity of Litcham Parish Council between April 2008 to Mar 2009


We have been able to identify highway, pavement and verge problems to Norfolk County Council and Breckland District Council.  This means reporting potholes, white lines that need refreshing, signs that need refurbishing or clearing and any flooding problems that may arise.  Parishioners are encouraged bring any of these problems to the Councils attention.


All planning applications received by the Council were reviewed and discussed.  Observations and recommendations were made to the Planning Officers at Breckalnd District Council.  Only one application met with total objection from the Parish Council but unfortunately it was approved by Breckland District Council.  Planning enforcement notices were noted and discussed.

The Local Development Framework was discussed at several meetings with David Spencer, a Planning Officer from Breckland District Council, who came to present their views.

A representative from Savilles came to a recent meeting to put forward proposals from Lexham Hall Estates for a large development.  The feeling of the Parish Council, as a whole, was that large-scale development was not suitable for Litcham at this time, although some smaller site were supported.

As a result of delays with the Local Development Framework plans for a new Heritage map for the new noticeboard were deferred until some firm decisions were made.

The Minerals and Waste consultation document was produced by Norfolk County Council.  Local sites identified within the Parish were discussed by the Councillors and parishioners.  As a result the Parish Council objected to both sites.


It was decided to go ahead with the registering of the green to prevent any future development.  Sufficient documentation was provided and an application has been made.


LitchamÕs Streetlights have been fitted with new bowls and P.E. cells.  These P.E. cells and their timers mean that lights are off between midnight and 5:00am.  This result in savings to the Parish Council and reduce light pollution.


We have kept the precept to last years level.  However some people may have seen a 1.6% increase in LitchamÕs share of the Council Tax.  This is because the District Council have introduced more exemptions and discounts to some properties.


This year donations have been made to the CitizenÕs Advice Bureau, Litcham Conservation Group, the Open Space Society and The Friends of All SaintÕs Litcham.


At recent meetings, council nominations made for Trustees to the Litcham Relief in Need Charity have been challenged by a few parishioners.  It was felt by the Council at this particular time that it is not possible to revoke these appointments.


Throughout the year there has been sporadic outbursts of anti-social behavior, centered on Church Street.  This has been monitored by the Safer Neighbourhood Team.  A survey of Church Street was carried out by myself and Community Police Support Officers.  The results of the responses given by the householders has not been conclusive.

Unfortunately at this time we do not have a Police Community Support Officer designated to the village.


There is currently a vacancy for a Parish Councillor and we are looking for any volunteers.


More information about Litcham Parish Council can be found on the Litcham website at



Mike Oldfield,

Chairman of Litcham Parish Council 2008-2009