Chairman's Report

Presented at


16th April 2007


This report covers the period from April 2006 to March of this year. As in previous years the Parish Council has worked with the County and District Councils to maintain the village in a manner that we all appreciate.


Where there has  been Highway and Pavement issues we have liaised with the relevant authorities for works to be carries out, such as pot holes, folding issue (Druids Lane and Lexham Rd.), road markings hedge cutting and signage, (Some signage we have had to do ourselves). We have purchased and installed five new larger litter bins around the parish.


Parking and speeding is still a problem around the village. The white line that has been painted in front of the Post Office has to some extent help keep the footpath clear and improved access to the Post Box. Parking on the pavements, particularly at school times is bad. The High School has highlighted the issue in itıs weekly newsletter by asking parents to be more careful where they park.


A request was made for a streetlight outside the Primary School. The Council felt this was too costly, an estimate from 01/02 was over £5000 pounds. It is hoped light from the new improvements at the Primary School will be sufficient to improve matter. The Council also took into account the problem of light pollution in Rural Areas.


During the year twenty planning applications were made. Objections were raised to two but were subsequently passed by Breckland along with all the others.


The Village Appraisal was finally published and distributed with the assistance of grants from the Norfolk Rural Community Council and Breckland.


Visits to the Council were made by –Tim Angell who spoke about Litcham Common and in particular the fencing of the Common which received the support of the Council.
Anita Gagen came from Breckland Youth Services and talked about providing a Youth Shelter.  It was later decided not to go ahead with this project.


Sergeant Dave Howell also visited with regard to anti-social behaviour of a group of youths in the Village.


The Jubilee Hall Trust was finally inaugurated and got under way. It also met up with problems of youth congregating in the bus Shelter and causing trouble. To some extent these problems have been resolved.


Sadly the carpet bowls equipment owned by the Parish Council and stored in the Jubilee Hall has new been donated to Beeston Village Hall. Nobody came forward from the Parish to resurrect the Carpet Bowls Club. The Parish Council also tried to start a Tennis Club using the School Tennis Courts but restricted availability of the courts and poor support meant that the Club was wound up after only one term.


Ongoing issues the new Council will have to take forward include working wth the PCC to provide access to the new Churchyard extension  from Druids Lane.


The Council is hoping to take over the Village green for the next ten years at a peppercorn rent. This will preserve the area as an open space. A new notice board is to bee installed on the green along with a memorial seat.


Working with David Mills of Norfolk County Council the Parish Council will be trying to increase the number of footpaths in the Parish.


The Council donated a total of £693 to charitable organisation during the year, you can obtain a summary of the accounts for 2006-07 (un-audited) from the Clerk and the Council will willing have any queries you have about them.
In closing I would like to thank all outgoing Councillors for their help during the poast four years and thank everybody for turning out tonight and the representatives for coming along to deliver their reports.


Mike Oldfield,