Chairman's Report

Presented at


May 16th 2005


During the last year, together with other agencies the Parish Council has attempted to keep the roads and paths maintained. Roadside verges trimmed and the village green cut. Ant problems can always be reported to any councillor or the clerk.

The Council has also paid for the maintenance of the churchyard and for the streetlights. The Stump on the green should also be removed soon now that ownership has been assured.

Planning applications have been considered and observations made to Breckland Council. Although this hasn't always gone smoothly and some problems arose with the building work at the High School. Hopefully these were resolved to some extent by the visit of Phil Daines and David Spencer from Breckland planning department. Who also went on to explain the new Local Development Framework (L.D.F.) that supersedes the old Structure Plan. They went on to describe how this will now impact a planning decisions and development.

We are currently trying to resolve the parking issue around the centre of the village. It is not safe when cars are dropping off and picking up school children. It is positively hazardous for wheelchair users that can't use the pavements.

It was agreed that the Council would join the NCAPTC (Norfolk County Association for Parish & Town Councils). This has been a great asset in respect of advice and help for the new clerk, Mr. John Relph. In the last year we have made donations to the Methodist Chapel, Citizens Advice Bureau, the Bell Ringing Group, the Common Conservation Group and more recently to the Litcham Entertainments Group, we look forward to their productions.

Myself, other councillors and the clerk taken opportunities to attend courses run by the NCAPTC and Breckland Council. Hopefully this will enable the council to fulfil its duty to the Parish and make the village a safe and friendly environment to live in.


Mike Oldfield